To develop and sustain an online historical and educational resource exploring Foden’s Band’s celebrated past and lasting legacy.


To promote an understanding and appreciation of Foden’s Band’s rich and diverse history by:

· Making accessible a significant collection of Foden's historical artefacts and original music manuscripts through their digitisation. 

· Provide a previously unavailable online library of (out of copyright) Foden’s 78’s recordings 

· Release new recordings by today’s Foden’s band of unpublished compositions. 

· Provide training for band members (and volunteers) in the handling and of historical documents.


The Foden’s Heritage website operates with the highest ethical standards. It embraces truth and the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake and recognises the importance of aesthetic considerations. The Foden’s Band Heritage website acknowledges the contributions of all to the Foden’s historical development and accepts a fundamental requirement for fairness and equality in its activities.

In operating within the framework established by such values, the Foden’s Heritage website:

· Develops and preserves Foden’s Band’s heritage

· Makes the best of its resources 

· Upholds professional integrity

· Promotes continuous learning