The Project

Following a fire at the band room in April 2016, Foden’s worked closely with Carole Hirst (a former Solo Baritone player of the band from 1992-1995) to prepare a bid that would see the digitisation of Foden's historical artefacts, 78's (outside of copyright) and original music manuscripts. The bid would also allow Foden's to record unpublished compositions and to provide training for band members (and volunteers) in how do deal with historical documents. All the digitised materials would be housed on a new 'Heritage Website.'

In December 2016 Foden's announced that an application to the 'Heritage Lottery Fund' for a 'Heritage and Digital Project' had been successful.

Foden's have a rich history spanning over 100 hundred years and the funding has allowed the organisation to collate, restore and protect our past as well as being able to share this across the world for all to enjoy.

All associated with the band would like to thank the 'Heritage Lottery Fund' for their substantial award, all those involved in the project, those who have donated artefacts as well as the countless individuals, companies and organisations who helped Foden's following the devastating fire.

Special thanks also go to Allan Littlemore for making his collection of 78's available for digitisation and to Stewart Green for maintaining the bands historic archives and their digitisation.