Alex Mortimer

Alex Mortimer   Euphonium Player / Conductor

Alex was born in HebdenBridge in 1905.

At the age of 10 Alex started playing various brass instruments on which he became proficient with the Luton Red Cross Band.

In 1923 the Luton band along with Alex became the National Champions.

He became the Euphonium Soloist with Fodens Motor Works Band in June 1924 and continued with the band until the 8 July 1943.

In 1924 he also joined the Halle Orchestra.

In 1934 he joined the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

In 1949 Alex joined the Scottish C.W.S. Band and later in the year became Musical Director of Black Dyke Mills and winning the National Championships in 1951 with them

In 1954 Alex was appointed Musical director of C.W.S. Band (Manchester).

He also became an adjudicator and by 1959 he was a coach and teacher to fifteen bands.

In 1959 he was awarded the “Medal of the Worshipful Company of Musicians of the City of London”. 

On the 14 January 1976 Alex Mortimer died at the age of 70.



C.W.S. (Manchester) Band

                Rhapsody in Brass                                              Fontana                 TFL 5108 (Mono)               STFL 537  

                Brass Bounty                                                       Fontana                 TFL 5121 (Mono)               STFL 547   

                Fantasia                                                                                Fontana                 TFL 5158 (Mono)               STFL 576 

                The Pick of Gilbert and Sullivan                       Fontana                 TFL 5181 (Mono)               STFL 5181 


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