Alfred Crossley

Alfred Crossley   2nd Euphonium 1910 - 1913

Alfred was a member of the Border Mounted Rifles (Trooper Service Number 258) during the Boar War (1899 to 1902) and then the Highland Regiment.

The next time we have information about him was when he became a Steam Wagon Fitter with Foden’s Motor Works where he joined the Band on 2nd Euphonium in 1910.

By the end of 1925 he had immigrated to Montreal in Canada where he opened two butcher’s shops. Once set up in business he invited his wife and two children to join him.

He was however a drinker and in 1926 he fell down a staircase killing himself. His body was first buried in Montreal and then his wife moved back to Padiham with her husband’s body which was reburied in the local church. His sons did not attend the funeral as they had both left home at the ages of 13 and 14 with one of them joining the Navy.

(Died in Canada in 1926) 

Information from Andrew Robert Crossley (Grandson of A. E. Crossley) June 2015 

Stewart Green

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