Arthur Webb Snr

Arthur Webb (snr) Solo Horn 1910

Joining from the Greasbrough and Parks band along with the Houghton Main band, Arthur had also worked in the mines before coming to Sandbach.

His Granddaughter Anne Corbett relates that Arthur had lost one of his teeth and to continue playing he fashioned a replacement tooth out of wood.

When the Foden Works started lying off players, Arthur was among those who went to the Foden family to ask for more money. Not able to get extra money from the company Arthur decided to sweep the yards to raise some extra cash. When William Foden found him doing this he went straight to the board and asked for more money for the band saying that he didn’t want to see his principal horn player sweeping the roads.

With a family to raise Arthur was forced to sell some of his 218 awards and medals to anyone who wanted them, usually at the Fox Inn at Elworth. He also donated a number of medals to the local bowling club as awards. Arthur was proud of his awards and wore many of them on regular occasions. Arthur Thompson was a local businessman who had acquired one of his medals and wore Arthur’s medal on his watch chain.


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