1937 Foden's Band

Photograph taken in the Foden's Facctory 26th January 1937
  • Catalog No: FBA00029
  • Materials: Paper
  • Date of Production: 1937
  • Ownership: Foden's Band
  • Location: Foden's Bandroom

On the 26th January 1937 and concert was held in the Foden's factory. 



March “Pomp and Circumstance” by Edward Elgar

Overture “Zampa” by Herold

Song “Drake Goes West” by Sanderson 

Crystal Palace Trophy and Medals Presentation by J.H. Iles Esq. to Edwin Stockton, Chairman Messrs. Fodens limited. Miss Amy Foden to decorate the Bandsmen.

Test Piece “Kenilworth” by Arthur Bliss

Cornet Solo “Cleopatra” by Damare (Soloist Mr Harry Mortimer)

Two latest recordings (a) “Teddy Bear’s Picnic  – Highland Patrol   (b) “Swing O’the Kilt”

Song “The Trumpeter” by Dix 

Hymn “Rimington”