1938 Foden's Motor Works Band Double Hatrick Champions

Photograph to celebrate becoming the Double Hatrick Champions
  • Catalog No: FBA00031
  • Materials: Paper
  • Date of Production: 1938
  • Ownership: Foden's Band
  • Location: Foden's Bandroom

Band members taken from the Signing in book (as well as instruments loaned from the band)

BAND MEMBERS (in order from the Band Signing in Book December)  


INSTRUMENT       PLAYER                        LOAN INSTRUMENT

Conductor            Fred Mortimer  

Soprano Cornet  Charlie Cooke             128437 (Besson)

Principal Cornet   Harry Mortimer        Own Cornet    (Soprano 123191 (Besson) / 127615 Besson ECHO CORNET)

Solo Cornet           William Lawton         Own Cornet  124221 (Besson)

Cornet                    W Heath                     Cornet 124376 (B and H)

Cornet                    D Thomas                  Cornet 48467 (B and H)

Cornet                    William Pedley          Own Cornet 127172

Cornet                    Reg Moores               Own Cornet 127087 (Besson)

Cornet                    Edwin Statham          Cornet 91355 (Besson) 

Flugel Horn           Hubert Shergold        Flugel 124083 (Besson)

Tenor Horn           Arthur Webb Snr       Tenor Horn 127498 (Besson)

Tenor Horn           Fred Sowood              Tenor Horn 109473 (Besson)

Tenor Horn           Jack Cotterill               Tenor Horn 109474 (Besson)  

Baritone                Albert Statham           Baritone 122560 (Besson) 

Euphonium           T Williamson              Euphonium 106189  

Euphonium           Alex Mortimer           Own Euphonium 60188 (Boosey)

Euphonium           Rex Mortimer            Euphonium 104770 (Boosey) 

Trombone             Robert Knott             Trombone 14159 (Besson)

Trombone             Harold Stubbs          Trombone 13446 (Besson) 

Bass Trombone   Joe Moores                Bass Trombone 14132 (Besson) 

Bass Trombone   Bill Kitson                  Bass Trombone 163337

Bass Trombone   Ellis Westwood         Bass Trombone 1479 

Bb Bass                 Joe Poole                   Bb Bass 127500 (Besson)

Bb Bass                Harry Hardy               Bb Bass 124685 (Besson)

Eb Bass                Basil Stokes                Eb Bass 124705 (Besson)

Eb Bass                Matthew Cullen         Eb Bass 124049 (Besson)

Drums / Xylophone / Glock / Timpany / Foot Cymbals / Tubular Bells / Anvil –  Walter Illingworth